Sightseeing and hiking trails in Krasnoyarsk - city ​​fairy tale

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Since 2013 our agency «Gorod -skazka» has been showing Krasnoyarsk for people. We not just exist – we are growing and advancing all the time, creating unique tours, which can help you to make your holidays bright, saturated and educational. Our experience and creative approach to work allow us to adapt and customize the individual characteristics of each client, therefore, during the company's work, among its regular customers were large corporations and banks, journalists, managers, employees of factories and firms, universities and schools. Our guides are not limited to a dry set of phrases from history books - they give you a lively picture of the city. We believe that in our life, so swift and changeable, the only thing that remains constant and unchanged is memories and impressions. We strive not only to maintain your leisure, but also to keep it in memory. More than 10,000 photos have already been taken by us, as well as numerous video reviews of excursions. All photos you will appreciate for free. To familiarize with materials follow the link..

Why we:

• In 90% of cases we organize excursions within 1 hour.

• All children's groups are transported only through notification to the traffic police. We provide the customer with a way to check the flow in the traffic police (notification number).

• At the request of the customer we make free photo sessions during excursions.

• Each guide has his own voice amplifier. You don’t have to strain your ears outside the bus.

• All buses are comfortable with licensed suppliers. Equipped with seat belts, microphones, air conditioning, in general, everything is needed for excursions.

• All guides have passed special training in the specialty, have licenses and accreditations.

• We have only proven guides.

• Universal guides. Even if you have an active excursion, for example, to the Stolby reserve, our guides will tell you about the history of the city on the way to the reserve.

• In 90% of cases, we work without prepayment. Prepayment is taken only if the tour includes: booking canteens, museums, etc.

• we have a large selection of both the most popular excursions and exclusive ones.

• We work without breaks and weekends. We take calls almost all day and night.

• We organize excursions of various sizes: individual excursions, group excursions, group tours.

• The organization of tours includes a full range of services: guides, transportation services, meals, hotel reservations, full support from arrival to departure from the city, and much more.

• We work in many languages ​​(English, Spanish, Chinese).• We have a representative office in Novosibirsk.   

 We say «thank you»!

1. To our regular customers - for being with us!

 2. Our guides - for excellent work, dedication, for new ideas!

3. Partners - for reliable cooperation!

4. To all new customers - for choosing us!

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Beneficiary Sergey Vladimirovich Melnikov

Tel +79029822270


Intermediary’s Bank Account 40817810431001132476



Beneficiary’s Bank SWIFT  SABRRUMMKRI

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