- Fairy-tale city sightseeing tours of Krasnoyarsk and its surroundings for children, schoolchildren and adults from the company "City Fairy Tale"

Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours

Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours Krasnoyarsk_foto 10 Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours Krasnoyarsk_foto 10 Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours Krasnoyarsk_foto 10 Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours Krasnoyarsk_foto 10 Excursion «Fairy-tale city» 2 hours Krasnoyarsk_foto 10
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Welcome to the excursion on the center of our city. You will see historical Krasnoyarsk (each house is rich in legends), and architectural variety of our city. You will see our squares, theatres, museums, monuments, universities, bridges, colorful fountains. And, of course, our Yenisey with its hills with a red color clay slope. Don’t hesitate – our places will entrance you with their beauty!
Duration: 2 hours
Form: Walking tour
Age: No restriction
Season: Year round
Notes: Throughout the tour, the guide tells about the cultural and historical sites of the city of Krasnoyarsk. We stop in the most beautiful places of the city for a more detailed study of the city, thus enabling you to fix the most beautiful parts of Krasnoyarsk in your memory.

The time and place of departure may be adjusted by the group at will.

The route can be changed at the request of the client.

1 370th anniversary square (Theatre square)
2 Kommunalniy bridge
3 Chekhov monument
4 Fountain «Siberian rivers»
5 Opera and ballet theatre
6 Fountains on the Theatre square
7 The tower «Big  Ben of Krasnoyarsk»
8 Flower composition «a bear»
9 Loval history museum
10 Dubrovinskogo street
11 Krasnoyarsk river station
12 The island of rest – sport center of Krasnoyarsk
13 Molokov island
14 Krasnoyarsk river port
15 Museum center, Mira square
16 Prelate Nikolay Steamship Museum
17 “White Horse” sculpture
18 Vinogradovsky bridge (pedestrian cable-stayed bridge)
19 Mira square
20 Ryazanov monument
21 The highest building in Krasnoyarsk during the USSR

1) The route can be slightly changed due to traffic jams.
2) The route can be changed on request.
3) It’s possible to take a guided evening or night tour in the city of Krasnoyarsk and its surroundings!

2 hours

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