Cultural and historical attractions Krasnoyarsk

Cultural and historical attractions

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Mira Square

Mira square is located In the heart of historical city center of Krasnoyarsk and it is one of the central squares of the city.


Krasnoyarsk Dam

You can find the image of the unique construction – Krasnoyarsk Dam, which is on the underside of 10 rubles banknote. It is the hydroelectric station that is located on the Yenisey River about 40 kilometres upstream from Krasnoyarsk in Divnogorsk.



Krasnoyarsk was found in 1628, is rightly considered one of the ancient and picturesque cities of Siberia


Kommunalniy bridge

Kommunalniy bridge is one of three famous symbols in Krasnoyarsk – its image is on the 10 rubles banknote.
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Funpark «Bobroviy log»

If you are lucky to visit Krasnoyarsk, come to one of the modern sport and entertaining center in Russia - Funpark «Bobroviy log».



Divnogorsk is located on the Yenisey river, 40 km from Krasnoyarsk.


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