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Тур по Столбам. 2 дня.

Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10 Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10 Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10 Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10 Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10 Тур по Столбам. 2 дня. ot «Gorod-Skazka»_foto 10
Are you tired of urban vanity? Would you like to change your surroundings in a little while? Break your comfort zone? In that case this tour is for you! Clean air, wild nature, well water, chupmunks and squirrels, breath-taking landscapes, bizzare rocks and more are waiting for you in the reserve "Stolby".
Duration: 2 day
Form: Combined
Age: 13 years and older
Season: Year round
Notes: comfortable shoes, preferably a small snack, a camera, seeds for birds, a saucer sled (in winter)

The time and place of departure may be adjusted by the group at will.

The route can be changed at the request of the client.

1 day


The plan of the day


8:00 Meeting at the railway station Our guide meet you near your train
8:30-9:00 Breakfast in the canteen The example of canteens – «Syem Slona» «Gorozhanin»
9:30-12:30 Excursion: rasnoyarsk city tour with visiting the “Tsar Fish” viewing platform (left bank – 1 hour, Tsar Fish – 1 hour, Hydroelectric Rower Station – 2 hours). This excursion is dedicated to some prominent events of not only the city, but our country as well. If you haven’t read the novel of our famous compatriot Astafyev “Tsar Fish” yet, we recommend you to do it. You will have a chance to get acquainted with this work in its stone realization during this tour. During this excursion you will see a unique construction, one of the world’s biggest Hydroelectric Power Stations  – Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station. And you will spend the rest of your time enjoying beautiful places of our city.
12:30-13:00 Start moving up to the Central Stolby
In summer and spring our bus will take you directly to the rocks,in winter you need to go last 2 km on foot.
13:00-13:30 Checking in. The max amount of people is 6 per house. Start of the route. Photos of the houses: inside and outside.
13:30-20:00 Excursion to the Central Stolby, and visiting ”Masnskaya wall” rock and “Manskaya woman” rock

318 steps up and we can see the First Pillar.

1)  A guide tells about the first stolbists. Visitors can climb the “Elephant” rock. Then we all climb the “Devil’s Kitchen” rock. The guide tells about the “Elephant” rock and the geological history of the rocks. We go down to the first stop of stolbists Devil’s Kitchen or Tchernyshevskaya Cave.

2) We start going up to the Second Pillar (the angle of the slope is about 20°).

3) Pontifical platform and the southern “shoulder” of the Second Pillar, which is easy to climb. A beautiful place to take photos.

4) We start going down the hill (the angle of the slope is about 10°), along the way there are rocks Watershed/Comb, Mitra, Mittens, Dry Ridge, Hearth, Capella, Olympus.

5) “Mohovaya” rock. We climb to the top to take some photos.

6) We continue walking along the trail.

7) We climb the ledge rock to enjoy the spectacular view of the wild Pillars.

8) We start moving toward the rock Secretive/Under-the-top.

9) The “Secretive” rock. We take some commemorative pictures here.

10) We start going down to the “Stolbovsky Kaltat” stream. (the angle of the slope is about 10°)

11) ПWe continue walking along the path towards the “Manskaya wall”.

12) On the way you can see the Shark/Anvil rock, which is a nice spot for taking photos.

13) We start moving toward the rock “Manskaya woman”, passing by the “Manskaya wall” rock.

14) We start going up the hill to the “Shoe” viewing platform, which is situated under the “Manskaya woman” rock (the angle of the path is about 30°)

15) The viewing platform is a great place to take pictures.

16) We start moving the opposite direction. We go around the “Manskaya woman” rock, go down to the “Manskaya wall” rock and approach the “Bastion Cuba” rock.

17) We have a fast snack.

18) The further way lies in the floodplain of the “Stolbovsky Kaltat” stream.

19) We start climbing the “Cain and Abel” rocks (the angle of the path is about 15°).

20) We have a rest and take some photographs here.

21) We start climbing to a nearby rock Verhopuz/Dove. It is very easy to climb, and on top of it you can enjoy the magnificent view of the nature reserve and the nearest rocks. We take a lot of pictures here.

22) We start moving towards the "Dove" hut.

23) The "Dove" hut. We take some photos of the hut and idols here.

24) We start the descent (the angle of the slope is about 5°)

25) We start climbing the “Hearth” rock (the angle of the slope is about 10°)

26) We start climbing down to the “Royal gate” rock (the angle of the slope is about 10 °)

27) The “Royal gate” rock. An amazing and unusual place for taking pictures.

28) We start going down to the monument of Elena Alexandrovna Krutovskaya (the angle of the slope is about 10°)

29) The monument and the commemorative plaques dedicated to Elena Alexandrovna Krutovskaya and her husband James G. Dulkeyt.

30) We go to the pass to have a wash in the Berkut stream and have a rest.
20:00-21:00 Dinner in the «Narym» center

Example of a menu:

1.Salad with vegetables

2. Roast
3. Baking

4.Tea, coffee


2 day


The plan of the day


8:00-9:00 Breakfast in the «Narym» center
10:00-16:00 Hiking tour to the Wild Stolby

1)     The route goes throw the Manskaya stenka

2)     You move to the «Shark’s mane»/ Rest for 5 minutes

3)     We reach to the rock and izba «Grify». Several photos and short story about the origin of the izba and its inhabitants

4)     The rock «Stronghold». Climbing to the rock by will of tourists. Rest. The guide tells about «Razvaly»,
«Kalchan», «Camels» and other rocks. Lunch.

5)     We start moving up to «Savage» rock. The half of the path is straight, another half has 10 degrees slope.(The path is easy)

6)     «Savage» rock. Climbing to the rock by will of tourists. Rest. The guide tells about the ecology.

7)     Start moving to the «karmagulniki» rocks, the easiest climb to the viewpoint

8)     «Tsarskie vorota» rock. Lunch for 15 minutes.

The way back to the «Narym» center. 
16:00-18:00 Sightseeing night tour in Krasnoyarsk

During this excursion you will see our city in the night lights, will listen an interesting story about history, famous people and events in out city. You will have an opportunity to make some stops near the wonderful places of out city:

1. Square near the railway station

2. Dubenskiy monument

3. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel

4. Housing estate «Orbita»

5. "Beautiful coast" in Akademgorodok
18:00-19:00 Dinner in the «Narym» center
The stop for dinner is planned in advance
19:00-19:30 Transfer to the railway station

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